Kingdom Hearts III

The first Kingdom Hearts III Union X(Cross) fan event took place this past weekend in Anaheim, California. Dubbed the “Dandelion Meeting” it was set to coincide with the 2nd year anniversary of KHUX. There were two main panels featured at the event, one with the KHUX designer team, and the second with franchise creator and director Tetsuya Nomura. 

The event focussed mostly on KHUX stuff, but as a nice surprise for franchise fans, developers also dropped a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3. The game is expected to release later this year, on multiple platforms, but with no exact date set just yet.

The Trailer

Shown below, the trailer had some fairly surprising news for fans. Featured within KHIII itself, and played via a handheld device ingame, there will be over 20 classic LCD type mini games to enjoy. Hayner, Pence and Olette have returned, and are gathered around Sora along with Donald and Goofy. Keen eyed viewers will note some spiffy new outfit designs for Hayner, Pence and Olette. What seems to be some kind of tablet or phone, it’s this device that allows Sora to play the “Classic Kingdom” titles, with the collection of mini games being unlocked throughout the main game. Four of the Classic Kingdom titles named so far are:

  • The Barnyard Battle
  • Karnival Kid
  • Giantland
  • Musical Farmer

Also shown but not named was a platform game featuring Mickey and Sora rescuing Minney from a construction site type level.

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The Fan Event

At the fan event was announced another online fan event! Like fan event inception, devs have confirmed a league like system whereby the top 300 KHUX scorers can get their names in Kingdom Hearts III! Exciting stuff indeed for franchise fans, of which there are many. Imagine your own name being forever featured in your favourite game, long after you’ve given up gaming to focus on group crocheting events… or such. Ahem. Anyway the event is open to all KHUX players, with the scoring system being detailed here. So get playing, so you may be immortalised forever in Kingdom Heart fandom!

Check out the trailer below, and for all else gaming, stay right here.

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