Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment revealed that Tazeem, the green continent in Zendikar’s plan, will be part of Magic: Legends. The majestic jungles of Tazeem are added to other emblematic places in the universe of Magic: The Gathering such as the coastal nation of Bénalia and the volcanic islands of the Shiv region, both located on the map of Dominaria.

From the tumultuous rivers where the undines live to the rustling high branches of forest life, passing through the skies and the undergrowth dotted with hedrons, the continent of Tazeem is full of breathtaking landscapes.

It’s a beautiful world of a thousand lights, with the bioluminescent flora of the depths of the jungle and the rays of the sun that filter through the thick canopy. Discover Tazeem with the very first screenshots of the area, which you can find below dedicated to the sumptuous panoramas of this region of Zendikar.

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Magic: Legends is a free-to-play online Action-RPG based on Magic: The Gathering allowing players to become real planeswalkers. An ancestral evil is working in the shadows, and our heroes will have to roam the Multiverse in search of the power necessary to overcome this threat.

In this title players will make their way through the different plans of Magic: The Gathering, collecting and improving spells from their library to build a formidable arsenal, and will learn to master the chaos of battle and their magic to save the Multiverse.

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