In what can only be described as the greatest piece of casting news in history, Joe Taslim aka Sgt. Taka from The Raid: Redemption, has been cast as Sub-Zero, who is literally, and figuratively, the coolest character in Mortal Kombat. Yes he is cooler than Scorpion, everyone knows he is. This was the first casting announcement for the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie. Slated for a 2021 release, the movie will reportedly begin shooting this year in Australia, and will have rookie director Simon McQuoid at the helm.

While this is McQuoid’s debut feature film as director, his previous credits do include famous video game faces. He directed the “Michael” commercial for PlayStation 3, and the Halo 3 “Enemy Weapons” trailer. Greg Russo is on script writing duties, again, somewhat of a rookie. There is one thing about Russo that stands out though. He’s one of us. Just last year he posted on Twitter having attained one million gamerscore on Xbox. Let’s hope he takes the Mortal Kombat movie as seriously as he does his gaming.

Judo Chop!

There are no chops in Judo of course. That’s one thing that Austin Powers didn’t get right. Our main man Joe Taslim would know that of course, he’s a bonafide bad ass. He has trained in martial arts form an early age, primarily in Judo. Taslim represented Indonesia in several international judo contests, winning gold in South East Asia Championships, and silver in ASEAN Games. His first major movie role was in 2011’s The Raid. Since then he has appeared in Fast & Furious 6, and Star Trek Beyond, among others. There is a common theme through all his roles though, he tends to beat the hell out of people. A lot.

With no plot information available presently, we shall have to wait and see what direction this rookie crew will go with the Mortal Kombat movie. Given how beloved the franchise is at this point, there are fully two generations of gamers who just want, nay, need, a good Mortal Kombat movie. Can’t be that hard can it? CAN IT!?

Meanwhile, check out the video below. It’s Judo champion Sub-Zero, throwing some poor dude around. Enjoy!

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