A Review in Progress: War Tech Fighters
A forgettable mess of pieces that you can't build into a proper Mech.
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War Tech Fighters go boom?

War Tech Fighters is a grind based mech game which is largely influenced by mech anime like Gundam. It comes with no surprise that this anime genre is well suited to become a video game. Does WTF transform into a mighty robot fighting spectacular or is a rusty bucket full of unkept promises?

Judge a robot by its War Tech Fighters paint job

The graphics of War Tech Fighters range from late PS2 to early PS3 era. The engine streaks when the boost is activated may have existed like this potentially on the original PlayStation, while the robots are the graphical PS3 looking highlight. Every upgrade changes the look and stats of the mech and is the main motivation to keep playing so that your mech is YOUR mech. There even is a War-Machine look-alike available. I wonder how they got that licensed from Marvel?

In war, we go, Pew Pew

The sound effects of WTF sadly under-deliver in every way possible. They lack punch and epicness that one would expect from insanely huge mechs fighting spaceships and other mechs. If you mute your TV and produce the sounds using your own mouth, it would sound more “realistic” than anything War Tech Fighters delivers. Pew Pew all the way.

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Grinding metal mech fighters

The story of War Tech Fighters is largely forgettable, which is why the main focus of the game is the grind to get better gear. The issue here is, that I did not feel much of a difference, no matter what gear I chose. All missions come down to go to a place, defeat ships and potentially another mech. Sometimes you need to scan something. The fight mech vs. mech could also not have been less exciting and comes down to you shooting the mech until you can go into the in-fight, where you win using button mashing. That’s not enough to keep me coming back for more.

Stuttering engines

All in all, this is a very forgettable and middle of the road type of game, that may be able to find a small group of people that love mechs and grinding and own TVs without speakers. Everybody else should go buy a boxset of Gundam and a model kit and have fun with mechs that way.

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