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Taking place at 9 pm GMT last night, the Microsoft e3 2018 conference did have a lot to show. The focus was games. Games, games and more games. Other than that, Microsoft bought up a load of smaller studios, and they’re working on a new XBox console, or consoles according to Phil Spencer. It was big Phil who did all the talking. As a presser, it was one of Microsoft’s strongest in recent years and continued the trend from last year in just focusing on games content.

So don’t bother going to the hassle of watching the full Microsoft e3 2018 conference. We’ve compiled the best bits, and packaged them all for you wholesale. So, the top 5 Microsoft bits from Microsoft e3 2018 are:

5: We bought all the devs!

Phil Spencer(or “Spence ” as I like to call him) dropped not one, not two, but five new development partnerships at last night’s show. That’s four acquisitions and a newly founded team. Those teams in no particular order:

  • The Initiative: “World class talent to create groundbreaking new game experiences”, Nuff said really. Based in Santa Monica, and chaired by former head of Crystal Dynamics(Tomb Raider). These guys will be spearheading some of Microsoft’s bigger Xbox exclusive titles. Look for a new IP from them next year.
  • Compulsion Games: We Happy Few also featured at e3. The guys behind it are now owned by Spence and the gang. While that title is multi-platform, we can’t imagine any future developments being passed out to Sony
  • Playground Games: Their main focus to date has been Forza Horizon games. Spence promises this will change in the future, “bringing their open world expertise to an entirely new project”. Rumors last year were of an open world action RPG being made by Playground. Could well be announced very soon.
  • Undead Labs: Names a bit a giveaway. If you’ve not heard of them, they made State of Decay and 2. Both solid zombie action/RPG/management sims. Fairly successful, but word had it they were let down by sales of S of D 2. Could by they let themselves be devoured by zombie Phil Spence.
  • Ninja Theory: Yes! Hellblade, Devil May Cry, and Heavenly Sword, all now ready for Spence to get to work on, sweet!

4: A new Xbox! Or Xboxes!!

Yeah so to combat dastardly Sony and their already in development new PlayStation, we’re getting more Xs. According to Spence, already underway, and architecting as we speak. The console Cold War will never end it seems. The fact he kind of pluralized it leads to the quick assumption that there will be a family of consoles. Similar to the One, S and X models currently available. No timeline but the did mention the relevance of compatibility to Microsoft. So all your old games won’t die in an eye blink.

3: GEARS!!

The first actual game in our countdown. Gears of War 5 will follow on 4(duh). Following Kait Diaz as he goes off on her own adventure, the cinematic trailer shows several interesting points to note:

  • Visions – Kait seems to be infected with some kind of mind-altering bug/infection
  • The Journey – Kait takes advice from some Marcus guy and goes off on her own quest to find answers
  • 2019 – The year of release
  • Chainsaws – Still in. Still awesome

2: Halo: Infinite

Master Chief is back! Again! In Halo 6! Aka Halo: Infinite. I’m a massive Halo fan, and Master Chief is like a religious icon to me. Not a bad word will be said against him. Not one! A great time to bring back the Chief, but this trailer was more about the new shiny graphics engine “Slipstream” than anything else. Otherwise this would be number one. In all the conferences. Even Nintendo.

1: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

From Software. Mr Miyazaki. A man I consider an old friend. A comrade with whom I play long-distance games of chess with, but admittedly he wins more than I. Silver Knight Archers in Anor Londo was cheap though. This new IP from From Software has had many talking since its initial reveal earlier in the year. Naturally enough the guys behind Dark Souls wont be giving much away. What we do know is that its a spiritual successor to Bloodborne, but in 15th century Japan. Sign me up!

So there you have it. Microsoft e3 2018, done and dusted. A helluva lot of content we’ll all admit, and that’s only the top five. Be sure to check out the full show, or this brief fly-through. A lot of it looks pretty awesome. What’s my favourite you ask? Why Shadows Die Twice of course. Mr. Miyazaki and I go way back. A long ways back…

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