Recently, my best friend Steph and I have been talking about getting fit a lot. We’re going for a mini-break to Manchester at the end of September, and we want to be in top form for it. However, we both need something to make exercise fun. We’re not the kind of women who are interested in yoga or Pilates, or the gym. We very much like to go at our own pace. And that’s where Just Dance comes in, with the wonderful support of Ubisoft.

Steph and I love to dance and have a laugh while doing it. So, we have a challenge set for ourselves now. We’re doing daily Just Dance 2023 sessions. We’ve been doing this for two weeks now. And friends, we are already seeing a difference in ourselves.

Jade’s First Session Feedback

Last year, I got Covid-19. My lungs and chest haven’t been the same since. It attacked the weakest part of my immune system, and it still impacts my day-to-day living. Honestly, it’s been very disheartening. Steph and I like to go on adventures together, be it a simple walk or a girl’s day out, and more.

We had our first girl’s day out since starting our dancing on Thursday 20th July. We walked over 12km, and already I’m noticing a difference. I feel like some of the strength has started coming back to my lungs, as Just Dance really pushes your system into gear. It’s been the most beneficial thing for my health and fitness so far. And when I’m already seeing a difference after just a couple of weeks, I cannot wait to see how it keeps going for me. One of my goals by the end of this is to be EPIC at Rasputin, that’s been my favourite dance since I started playing Just Dance a few years ago.

My current favourite song/dance is Woman by Doja Cat.

Steph’s First Session Feedback

For me, Just Dance has been really helping me out on the mental health front. I’m on my feet all day in work, so I get a base level of exercise through that. So, getting to come home and dance is a really good pick-me-up after a long day. I’m a big fan of a lot of the songs, which motivates me a lot more to keep going. It keeps me wanting to be active, and feeling more upbeat.

In general, I have been feeling happier overall since I started playing Just Dance 2023. I’ve also been feeling happier in myself, and more accomplished. I’m really excited to be on this journey, and looking forward to keeping it going.

My current favourite song/dance is Dynamite by BTS.

We’ll be checking back in with our next Just Dance update in a couple of weeks! We can’t wait to share our next milestone with everyone!

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