The biggest gaming event of the year is upon us! That’s right, its e3 week, so let’s have a quick look at whats gone down news -wise with GamEir this week, then shift focus to that all-important behemoth of false promises; e3.

Monday, 4th June

  • A release date was announced for Impulsion. Indie studio Driving Force Games will release their first-person puzzler on Steam July 19th. Hit the link for all the info!

Impulsion will Test Players’ Minds & Reflexes with July 19th Steam Launch

  • Robothorium gets a release on Steam early access. June 7th was the date in question, and this rogue-like RPG with turn-based combat is now available for 14.99. Developed by Goblinz Studio, the video featured within shows a plethora of fun game features!

Robothorium, the Roguelike RPG with turn-based fights reaches early access

Tuesday, June 5th

  • Whats that? A second puzzle game featured in one week?? Nay, my eyes doth deceive me! No, dear reader, they don’t. Hardcore Puzzler Omnicube dropped on, and the Windows Store. 60 levels of logical puzzle goodness, and it’s yours for 6.99. Hit the link!

Get ready for witty banter and impossible puzzles in Omnicube

  • Rocket League is a helluva game. Let us be honest, it couldn’t be anymore no matter how hard they tryyyyyyyyy…

Psyonix announces Jurassic World Car Pack for Rocket League

  • Something for the petrol heads; another awesome car pack for Project Cars 2. This time its “Spirit of Le Mans“, so grab your driving gloves, and redline those engines, cos you’ve got 9 new cars, a new track, 10 liveries and 5 new career events to play around with!

Project CARS 2 “Spirit of Le Mans” Pack available now

Wednesday, June 6th

  • Dark Souls Anime for Kids, or “Code Vein“, as you might have heard it called. Bandai Namco announced details of the release, special editions, and pre-order bonuses. Throw your PVC battlesuit on there and have a gander.

Code Vein release date & special editions confirmed

  • Star Trek Online celebrates 25 years of Deep Space 9 with a new expansion pack. The “Victory is Life” pack will allow players to explore the halls of DS9, and meet the original crew. Out now on PC, later on console.

Star Trek Online: Victory Is Life authorises Captains full clearance to Deep Space Nine

  • Bungie announced the release date for Destiny 2 expansion: Forsaken. The first major expansion for Destiny 2, it will release worldwide on PS4, Xbox One, and PC September 4th.

Destiny 2: Forsaken Takes players to the lawless edge of our solar system

  • BAFTA continues its support for young game designers, announcing its finalists for its Young Game Designers Awards 2018. The awards first started recognizing the future Cliffy Bs of the world back in 2010. They’re all winners in my eyes!

BAFTA announces finalists for Young Game Designers Awards 2018

  • We switch to the Switch for the first time this week. Samurai Defender: Ninja Warfare was released into the eShop this week. Developed by Link Kit, this fast-paced tower defense will set you back the low, low sum of 7.99

Learn to defend yourself in Samurai Defender: Ninja Warfare trailer

  • Final Fantasy XV has released for Universal Windows Platform. “What the hell is Universal Windows Platform?!”, I hear you ask. Well, it means PC, Laptops or tablets; Windows-based of course. Possibly Windows Phone as well, but nobody will ever know…

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition available for Universal Windows Platform

Thursday, June 7th

  • Old Baldy barcode head is back! Hitman 2 was announced by IO Interactive. Hitman 2 will again be episodic, beginning on November 13th for PS4 and Xbox One.

Agent 47 returns once again in HITMAN 2

Saturday, June 9th

  • DONTNOD, the team behind Life is Strange, and Bandai Namco has announced new IP Twin Mirror. Billed as player-driven experience featuring a malleable narrative, this psychological thriller will test your nerves sometime in 2019…

Twin Mirror serves as Bandai Namco Entertainment’s first foray into narrative adventure genre

Phantom Doctrine got a new trailer. Like XCOM with spies, during the Cold War. Whats not to like?

Tactical espionage game Phantom Doctrine gets new trailer

Around the Web

So that’s all we’ve got, we put out a couple of ace reviews and features if you want a good gaming read. Otherwise, let’s have a gander at the big bad world of e3 buildup, and Day One of that video game version of “Show and Tell”.

Paradox Interactive this week bought up Harebrained Schemes. The masters of grand strategy obviously liked something about the much smaller team behind Battletech. If it leads to bigger and better Battletech games, I’m all for it!

Games Done Quick will run a marathon at TwitchCon.(Not an actual marathon, of course, a speedrun marathon. Which is actually more difficult.) The major Twitch event has teamed up with the charity speedrun showcase to run 24-hour speedruns during their 3-day event later this year.

Activision will showcase COD: BLOps 4 and Destiny 2: Forsaken at their e3 event. They will have a new playable mode for Destiny 2, as well as playable levels for Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Huzzah!

Quake Champions will get bots in its June update. So boot it up and make like its 1997 again. Or don’t your choice.

And lastly…

The big e3 announcement…

A full Anthem reveal has occurred at the EA show…

And it looks…


I guess.

The frame-rate wasn’t great, and it’s constantly online. So that’s my interest gone. You might like it though. Don’t let me dissuade you. No really, it might be good… Come back!

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